1. All cars are to be used on Tarred Roads only.
  2. Operating the 4 wheel drive system is strictly prohibited.
  3. No P platers are to be allowed to drive the vehicle.
  4. Only authorised drivers are allowed to operate the vehicle.
  5. A valid drivers license and credit card as well as passport is required.
  6. Permission is required for traveling farther than 500 km from pick up point.
  7. Colour request are subject to availability and cannot be gauranteed.
  8. All cars are strictly NON smoking.
  9. You are required to return the car with a full tank of fuel additional charges will be incurred to have JEEPZ do this.
  10. Please note we cannot give refunds a Credit will be gladly given for a Future Rental.
  11. All accidents must be reported to JEEPZ immediately.
  12. Excessively dirty cars will incur a fee of $35
  13. Any damage incurred will have an immediate charge of your agreed damage waiver.
  14. Any off road damage will incur the full cost of any damage incured.
  15. There will also be a charge for missing Spare wheel or accessories.
  16. Tolls are not included in your contract.
  17. Care should be taken car to lock and securely park the car.
  18. Do not attempt to cross a river or stream.
  19. Care should be taken Not to park next to Rivers or streams when its raining.
  20. Parking Fines will be charged to your account if not paid by the due date and incur a Admin fee of $49.
  21. Any Speeding Fines will incur a admin fee of $49 to be transfered to the customer's name.
  22. Cancellations- No refunds are given. A credit will be passed for a future rental.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice and were last updated in June 2020.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our Contact Form.

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